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My Showcase

Autumn’s Last Fling

A shabby shed suddenly becomes an artwork.

If autumn can’t bring back my photography mojo, nothing can! I’ve been eying these gorgeous leaves for a while, thinking “I must get my camera out.”  Now there’s no putting it away again!

A Pride of India tree showing off before winter.

The same tree indulging in some Impressionistic art.

I love how the low light makes this look like a painting.



New Beginnings

I’m toying with the idea of doing another “Photograph your Year” project and the subject for the first week is “New Beginnings”. This diary from Taiwan arrived yesterday – how auspicious, I thought.  It gave me the first photo for my project and I was born in the Year of the Dog.

BUT, according to Chinese astrology, when your zodiac year, or your Ben Ming Nian, comes around, you will have bad luck, as you offend the God of Age, Tai Sui. All is not lost though, there are things one can do to ward off this bad luck.

First of all, you can wear red, the colour of good luck. It can be any item in red but red underwear is favoured. The other thing to wear is anything made of jade – bracelets, pendants, earrings etc. The only problem is you cannot buy these items yourself – they must be given to you.

Now I am thinking….if I order red underwear and jade accessories online and pay with my Old Goat’s credit card, does that not qualify as a gift from him? I’m guessing it will be just fine, so hey ho, hey ho, it’s off to the online store I go!


Ode to the Heater

Livingstone (full name Dr Livinstone I Presume) came walking into our garden eight years ago. He was a starving piece of skin wrapped around hunched over bones. The only reason the jackals didn’t eat him was that it had been snowing solidly for 36 hours and no self-respecting jackal hunts when it is snowing.

Ever since then he has guarded the two self-feeders with a ferociousness that scares the other dogs. They have to sneak a meal while he’s sleeping. Or while he is gazing lovingly at the heater as witnessed here. The look in his eyes is so soppy that I feel sure he is writing an Ode to the Heater.

Oh Heater, Oh Heater, I love you so

Light glimmering, warming, much better than snow,

My love for you is endless, divine,

I know I’m gorgeous but you’re mighty fine.

Not bad for a dog whose education has been cut short by his time-consuming guarding activities, I guess.

#NoWalking is Trending Right Now……

I love challenging myself to run without walk breaks and trail runs are the best place to try it. No one gives a damn what pace you are doing – the challenge is just to keep going. As far as trails go this overall pace at Port Edward was not bad for an old goat – lots of  hills but no technical stuff.


Rocky Bay, near Park Rynie, is my favourite place for trails. Lots of single track deep into the coastal bush, with the added excitement  of perhaps being chased by an irate mamba. #NoWalking is mandatory here. And the camping….the views couldn’t be better….

Fruits of the Old Goats Labour

My Old Goat is rough and tough. He throws himself off motorbikes, wrestles with mad cows and no matter how far I make him run, he never complains of pain. But when he wants to engage with his feminine side he grows roses. Absolutely stunning roses.

A couple of evenings ago he tried to make me come and inspect said roses in the freezing cold with my pj’s and socks on. I think he was disappointed that I didn’t seem keen so this morning I took my camera for an inspection. They really are gorgeous.