The Cunning Beast of a Treadmill

It’s easy to fool myself onto the treadmill. I faff around the house, even going so far as to do household chores to avoid the beast, and then I think “okay, I’m only going to do half the workout and that’s it.”

Lol, one hour later the workout is done. Once I’m half an hour into it, I can’t resist finishing just to see if I can. And of course I can.

I know there are lots of people out there that think “I wish I could just get going, just do some exercise”. You can – tell yourself it’s just for 10 minutes and that you can stop after that. Chances are you won’t. Chances are your body will be enjoying itself and will want to push just a little more!


2 thoughts on “The Cunning Beast of a Treadmill

  1. CeeJayKay

    *lol* dis so waar! I tend to LOVE the treadmill mostly because i can just ZONE out, one time i thought i was going to snooze running i swear! But you are right, I did Couch-5k recently as to gain confidence after a year off through injury, I started on the treadmill… it was like TWENTY MINUTES? NEVER!!!! then you get to 10mins and you think… was THAT 10mins? another ten will be a piece of cake!!!
    So yah, just getting to the point of starting is half the battle won!

    PS long your blog posts! (as a 53yr old SA, living in the UK now… LOVELY to see your pics and read your posts!) x



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