Hello Treadmill My Old Friend!

I don’t have the guts to brave the dark and the frost on my own so while the Old Goat is languishing in bed resting his pins for his 87km Fun Run I hit the old treadmill.

Coach Mo has increased my paces which alarmed me somewhat. It’s hard being a tortoise in a family of hares, or should I say a woes in a family of hard-core runners. My children appear to have inherited the Old Goat’s toughness – pushing themselves to the edge seems to be part of the fun.

ME:   I can’t increase my pace.

DAUGHTERS/OG:   You can – just get out of your comfort zone.

ME:   I’m not ready to die.

DAUGHTERS/OG:   You won’t – you’ll pass out first.


This morning I did my (10 minutes easy, 10 minutes marathon pace) x 2 and I was out of my freakin’ comfort zone people! I usually find 100 different reasons to break the run – the window needs opening, one dog needs to go out, the other dog needs a rug, I need to fetch water….This morning I did not. Onwards and upwards!



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