Two x tough 15km in a howling gale and done back to back – conquered! I feel really hard core now and entirely ready for a day on the couch with my book!


Please take note of my survival bracelet. This is a very cool thing which should be worn by all runners. Several reasons:

  1.   It is sold in aid of care of the aged in Matatiele. Please check out what Jaco Jacobs and his family are doing on this link Matat 100 Miles for the Aged
  2.   When I look at it I am reminded that the limits to human endurance are in our minds and that I can always push just a little bit harder, a little bit further.
  3.   If unravelled this survival bracelet makes a 20 metre length of rope with a 200kg breaking strain – a useful thing no? It could be used to tie around your waist so that your running partner can pull you up a hill (or two).
  4.   It could be used to strangle said partner if they get too cocky.
  5. And last but not least it can be used to lasso a wild pig while out on a country run #wildpigsmustfall

Okay, back to the couch…….




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