Hello Summer…..

At the start of every summer I get a kind of edgy energy – I need to try something new, switch things up. Some summers have seen Tabata on my veranda, some have seen yoga and pilates and some have seen trail running up our mountain. I have even popped in a season or two of swimming. This summer it will be cycling. Thank you Taiwan for the inspiration!



The weather early this morning was breath taking.  As the sun peeped over the horizon I hopped on my vintage bike (no shocks and shocking gears!) and meandered off along our country road. It was just fabulous. People that miss sunrise just aren’t living properly!



This doesn’t mean I’ve given up running – far from it. Five weeks to go until our marathon at Kaapsehoop, so, without the taper, that is three weeks of hard running (that is, not listening to that little devil on my shoulder that keeps telling me I need to walk!)



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