And in today’s news…

Tortoise and hare

Comrades entries open today…..but I have far more pressing matters on my mind.  After much arm-twisting I have been persuaded to go to a track event and SPRINT!  I am a great believer in that famous tale of the tortoise and the hare and that victorious tortoise NEVER sprints….EVER!  He always keeps his cool and he never has to worry about his wobbly bits flying around in an unseemly manner.  And then he wins.

Anyhoo, I am part of a team of four middle-aged ladies.  Well,  the other three are middle-aged while I am erring on the side of past middle age.  I think we should name our team Old Goats On Drugs aka OGOD.  But then we are performing on the school track so maybe we should keep our drugs out of it. Some-one suggested the Golden Girls which I think we may go with.

So now I have three days to warm up those sprinting muscles (last seen circa 1973) and find some sort of compression suit to help me hold my shit together!  A green and gold suit, maybe with a small Jamaican flag on the back.


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