Operation Get Fast….


I ran so hard this morning the nail polish popped off my newly pedicured toenails.   I am launching Operation Get Fast, now that operation Cough-till-you-Puke seems to be over.

Operation Get Ripped has just been launched in Hilton by my intrepid offspring, but I’m really not worried about getting ripped.   I’m leaving that to Crazy Tracy and her aerobic classes.   She has enlightened me that biceps do not actually grow on trees, that drinking wine before I attempt biceps is not the way forward, and that if we work hard, we will be ripped by summer.   Her classes are awesome for runners – lots of plyometrics, squatting,  lunging, and core work.   Oh, and fabulous bicep work,  so that we can wear really cute little running tops.

Operation Get Fast is going to involve a lot of speed work.   A lot of toughening up of the brain and a lot of vasbyt.   Vasbyt is something I was not blessed with.   I have a little devil on my shoulder that is forever whispering evil things in my ear – “Take a little walk”, “why do you have to go fast?”,  “why don’t you cheat a little?” and other such devilish things.   I need to teach that little devil a lesson.

How I need to look:

(I’ll need a wig, or a clip on ponytail.)speed work


How I actually look:


Watch this space…




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