Old Goats and Jackals




Our morning runs are absolutely beautiful.   We see various types of buck almost every time we go out.   This morning though we saw a jackal.   Is this perhaps a plot by the OG to make me run faster?   I’m thinking several strategically placed jackals may lead to more speedwork.   And where will it stop?   Will he be negotiating with the Parks Board for Mountain Leopards?

There is indeed a need for speed on my part.   The OG has announced his intentions to tackle the Big C in 2016 and he intends that we finish it together.    As readers of this blog will know, the sub-5 marathon is my nemesis but we are now scheduled to tackle the beast in September at the Cape Town marathon.    A lot of work ahead for me, physical and mental.

The OG has incredible mental strength and does not feel pain (well that’s what it looks like) and I’m really hoping that some of that rubs off on me.

He also intends to ride the Roof of Africa, either at the end of this year or the following year, depending on when he qualifies, and I am beyond thankful that when it comes to motor bikes, all I have to do is pose as Biker Chick, and not actually ride them!  In the meantime, I will investigate what it takes to be a pit poppie.


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