Hello Dubai!

Glitzy skyscrapers against a perfect blue sky

Glitzy skyscrapers against a perfect blue sky

On our way to Taiwan we had exactly 24 hours in Dubai, three of which were spent sleeping!

We landed at 5am, got to the hotel at 6am and were told we would only be able to get into our room at 2pm.   I was tempted to throw a tantrum (not always advisable in the Middle East) but my better half came to the rescue with a brilliant idea.   We would hire a taxi and tour the entire city.   Brilliant, I thought – I can sleep in a taxi.

I didn’t though.   The sights were just too fascinating for words.  In less than 50 years these people have carved a glitzy, glamorous and totally over-the-top city out of a piece of desert.


Lots of greenery and water.....

Lots of greenery and water…..

Doint the tourist thing....

Doing the tourist thing….











It seems like all the streets are lined with flowers which appear to be growing in beach sand.   The amount of water that needs to be pumped into this city blows my mind.   There is even a beautiful marina where the wealthy park their yachts!















The Marina

The Marina

In the evening we went 4×4-ing in the desert and watched a spot of falconry – I’m very proud of my pic of the falcon!


And, no, I haven’t forgotten that this is a running blog.   For those that think I’ve been lazy in that department – I did some cross-training on a camel!IMG_7202_edited-1



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